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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sciatic Saturday

It turned out to be a good day, but didn't go as I had planned. I woke up this morning with killer sinus pressure and lead lungs. Sometimes it's hard to catch a deep breath, and when I try, it mostly just hurts. As a result of feeling less than awesome, I stayed home from the morning coffee I had planned to attend. Instead, I got to read books, put a puzzle together, and play tickle monster with little miss Haley. It was a good morning.

Our snow blower is dead. Dead dead. We're under a blizzard warning with 40 mph winds and 6 - 12 inches of snow possible. Considering Brent has to be at work Monday morning earlier than anyone should even be awake, we had a decision to make. I told him I could lay across his shovel and create a wider path for him to clear, but he informed me my jokes weren't helping. (I still think it's funny.) We argued had some intense spiritual fellowship for about two days, trying to decide if we should use some of our emergency fund money to purchase a new snow blower. I might surprise you by saying I was actually campaigning to get one. Do I want to spend the money? No way. Especially if the weathermen (and women) are wrong like they were with our last storm. However, if they're right, and if Brent hurts himself somehow by shoveling through thick wet snow and feet-high drifts, medical bills aren't a desirable expense either. Not to mention having a husband out of commission would be one of the worst possible scenarios I can imagine. Plus, we're going to have to get a new snow blower sooner or later anyway (this is North Dakota), so before a blizzard seems like a good time... Kudos to my husband, though, for being torn about it. I can tell you, though, he came home with a new one today and I think we'll both rest a little easier tomorrow night.

Anyway, while he was out doing that, I started doing some serious cleaning that's been neglected around these parts. I moved the fridge and the stove to get under and behind them, even. Don't worry, they're really easy to move. (Remember the first time I moved our fridge?) In the process of vacuuming our living room rug, however, my sciatica got a hold of my right hip and I went down to my knees. Haley came around the corner to ask if I was okay, and I smiled and told her of course I was. "Sometimes Mommy just needs to take a break from cleaning." Like, when she can't walk, for instance. That's a good time to take a break. The last several days I've been having worse issues with my sciatica than I care to admit. I'll be starting physical therapy for it soon (which I'm not looking forward to...I can't even bend over to put my own pants on half the time. I'm sure stretching and bending my legs and lower back won't be the most pleasant experience I've ever had). My cleaning blitz took a backseat. For that matter, my backseat took a seat.

Then it was time to get ready to go to a birthday party for a good Fargoan friend tonight. I took one step. Yeah...the party wasn't going to happen for me. Totally disappointed, because there were a lot of lovely ladies I was looking forward to seeing tonight (shout out to the 2012 35 Under 35ers!). Since, I've been trying to find a comfortable position. A comfortable position for me to stretch this out would be bent over touching my toes, but I haven't been able to do that for...about six years. Instead I try to recline and shift my weight to my left side. It's not comfortable, but it helps. (So Katie et al, I'm thinking about you right now, certainly hoping you're having the best time possible tonight!)

Brent took Haley sledding this afternoon because it was warm enough (a relative term, based on where you live), and she loves, loves, loves playing in the snow. (I might not live in the right region but she sure does.) I stayed here and thought about which restaurant I could call for delivery tonight. Of course, then I'd have to get up and walk to the door to carry the food and hand them the money. I can't wait for the day I can do cartwheels again...of course that's been about as long ago as I could touch my toes without wincing... Speaking of cartwheels, pretty sure that's what Cletus-the-she-fetus is doing in utero right now. My goodness this little girl is constantly on the move. I hope that doesn't mean she'll be too wiggly to snuggle. Seriously - some of you might be a little weirded out if you could see my stomach shifting shapes right now.

So I didn't get to socialize at all today as I had intended. I did, however, get to spend some fantastic one-on-one time with Haley, got some cleaning done I wouldn't have otherwise had the energy or the excuse to do, and now I might even get my husband to agree to making dinner. After all, we finally have maple syrup...

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