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Monday, July 20, 2009


I'm tired, and it's six minutes until I turn in to a pumpkin. But it's been a while and I want to share.

Yesterday I heard a powerful sermon on God being omnipresent. Of course we all hear and know that God is everywhere all the time. Or do we know it?

The message was so powerful, I will admit I teared up a little at one point. I want to share with you and I'm excited to - but first I need to rest my head. I just want to encourage you the depths of your lonliness, when you feel withdrawn or deserted - even when you cry out to Him and get no reply, God is there with you. All the time, everywhere.

I will check in and elaborate once I've caught up on some rest and some household chores, but after that - look out! My rambling will ensue!

Blessings all....

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