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Friday, October 10, 2014

{31 Days: Day 10} Today

Today I renewed my driver's license. 

Today I sat and visited face to face with one of my closest friends.

Today I did laundry.

Today I cooked the best meatloaf I've ever made.

Today I braided Little Miss' hair.

Today I gave Little Man another bath.

Today I spent thirty minutes on the sofa "snuggling" (listening to Little Miss sing along to Veggie Tales)

Today I ate banana cream pie. (Yes, he came through.)

Today I made it a point to be present wherever I was, in whatever I was doing.

Today I rocked Little Man to sleep, and once he fell asleep, I kept rocking. I just held him and listened to him breathing, totally comfortable to be in his mama's arms.

Today I spent time listening to the scripted out scenarios of Little Miss' imagination, doing my best to abide by them during play time. "How about you understand what I say when I'm crying and you get me water in a sippy and try to give it to me because I'm a baby."

Today is 18 months since I delivered Harlynn.  Today I slowed down, became intentional with the things I was doing, the interactions I was having, and the conversations I was taking part in. Today I made every moment count. Today I miss my daughter as much as I did when I realized her heart was no longer beating. Today I lived with purpose and perseverance. Today, I chose to give life purpose, rather than simply let it happen. Today, I heard His whispers in the quiet of my day. Today, I let myself be vulnerable.

Today was a wonderful day.

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